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Heartbeat's Post-call analytics (PCA) solution is an AI/ML enabled Call Analytics tool that analyzes and transcribes call recordings to provide insights into customer interactions and the operational efficiency of your contact center.

Heartbeat's PCA solution provides valuable insights to supervisors, executives, and agents. It helps supervisors understand customer needs, identify call drivers, detect emerging trends, and identify agent training opportunities. It also helps executives boost operational efficiency, identify product and service improvement opportunities, and make informed decisions.

Heartbeat's PCA solution offers powerful speech-to-text and natural language processing (NLP) models. It generates highly accurate call transcripts and extracts conversation insights to improve customer experience and agent productivity. It also provides intelligence on customer and agent sentiment, call drivers, non-talk time, interruptions, repeat callers, and conversation characteristics based on specific phrases.

The API provided by Heartbeat's Call Analytics solution can be used by technology teams to generate call transcriptions and insights. It enables the analysis of audio files post-call and can help address detected issues, mitigate escalations due to declining sentiment, and provide valuable data for further analysis.

Yes, Heartbeat's PCA solution offers call categorization capabilities. It automatically tags conversations based on specific phrases and can be further classified using filters such as phrases, sentiment, non-talk time, and interruptions. This allows for detailed post-call analysis and identification of relevant insights.

Yes, Heartbeat's PCA solution helps detect and redact sensitive information such as names, addresses, and credit card details from both the audio and text of the call recordings. This ensures compliance with data privacy regulations and maintains customer confidentiality.

Some common use cases for Heartbeat's PCA solution include supervisor alerts, agent scoring, upselling/cross-selling performance tracking, call intent analysis, improving agent trainings, enhancing floor briefings, and conducting post-call analytics to gain valuable insights.

Yes, Heartbeat's PCA solution can assist in improving call resolution by providing insights and intelligence to agents. It helps them understand customer needs better, identify issues faster, and resolve them efficiently. This, in turn, improves Average Call Time (ACT) and overall agent productivity.