Contact Center

What is Contact Center Analytics?

Contact Center Analytics analyzes customer calls to extract valuable call center metrics and insights such as average call duration time, caller intent, customer and agent sentiment, customer feedback, and others. Using these metrics, supervisors can do effective training plans to improve agent performances. Executives are enabled with valuable data-driven insights to help them improve customer loyalty, elevate product performance as well as solve operational challenges like compliance, agent productivity, data privacy, and rising operational costs.

The Hearbeat

  • Heartbeat provides valuable insights such as customer and agent sentiment, call drivers, non-talk time, interruptions, sentiment, emotion, repeat callers, and conversation characteristics.


  • The call categorization feature automatically tags conversations based on specific phrases, making it easier to organize and analyze calls.


  • Post-call analysis allows for classification based on filters like phrases, sentiment, non-talk time, and interruptions.


  • The API helps detect and redact sensitive information such as names, addresses, and credit card details from both audio and text.

Heartbeat is All in one

Speech Analytics Software

It enables organizations to automatically transcribe, interpret, and derive actionable intelligence from large volumes of audio data.

Quality Assurance Software

It automates and improves the process of monitoring and enhancing product or service quality, ensuring compliance, detecting defects, and boosting customer satisfaction.

Call Coaching Software

It enables organizations to enhance the performance and skills of their customer service representatives by providing tools and features for monitoring, analyzing, and coaching call interactions.


Discover the power of our innovative features

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Harness the power of AI to unlock invaluable insights for your contact center, driving improved business outcomes, agent performance, and customer satisfaction. In stark contrast to the industry norm of analyzing a mere 5-10% of calls through labor-intensive methods like surveys and random call sampling, our solution revolutionizes the process.

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ML enables real-time speech-to-text and NLP analysis during calls to reveal conversation insights such as sentiment, detected issues, and speech characteristics. These insights can be integrated into call analytics applications.

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Gain AI-powered contact center insights to improve business outcomes, agent performance, and customer satisfaction. On an average, contact centers analyse only 5-10% calls, throughmanual efforts like surveys, and random call sampling.

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Build, create and train your own custom categories based on your specified criteria (such as words/phrases or conversation characteristics) to monitor your calls at scale for tracking compliance with policies, guidelines or regulatory requirements. For example, you can set up
category labels to see what percentage of calls are upsells or account cancellation.

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Experience crystal-clear insights into your customer interactions with our cutting-edge Call Quality Score. Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms, this feature dives deep into your calls to evaluate the quality of conversations between your valued customers and dedicated agents.

Why Us?

Experience unparalleled benefits with our Integrated Solution

Customer Insights

Identify call drivers, emerging trends, call categorizations, product improvement opportunities, etc to improve decision-making by extracting detailed conversation insights.

Enhance Agent Productivity

Boost agent productivity and enhance customer experiences with our solution that analyzes call metrics and identifies training opportunities for supervisors


Operational Efficiency

Our product helps identify opportunities for improving products, lowering costs, improving agent/customer retention & ultimately resulting in superior customer experiences.

Contact center agnostic

Analyze calls from both on-premises and cloud contact centers (CCaaS) like Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Talkdesk, and others.

Data security

Redact sensitive data such as names, addresses, credit card numbers, and social security numbers from both transcript and audio files.

Compliance and Quality

Monitor call script adherence as well as ensure compliance to key regulations such as HIPAA, and PCI.