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The Heartbeat is an AI/ML-enabled Call Analytics solution for generating highly accurate call transcripts and extracting conversation insights to improve customer experience and agent productivity.

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 Elevate Agent Performance with The Heartbeat’s Advanced Analytics


Welcome to the future of call center analytics with The Heartbeat’s latest feature – Agent Performance Analytics. In a world where customer satisfaction is paramount, understanding and improving your agents’ performance is crucial. The Heartbeat offers a revolutionary approach to monitoring and enhancing every interaction between your agents and customers.

Why Agent Performance Analytics Matters?

In the fast-paced environment of contact centers, it’s essential to have a clear and detailed understanding of agent performance. Traditional methods of evaluating agents often miss the depth and subtlety needed for true improvement. The Heartbeat’s Agent Performance Analytics changes that. With our AI/ML-enabled solution, you get a comprehensive view of your agents’ performance, helping you make informed decisions that drive customer satisfaction and business success.

Deep Dive into Performance Metrics: Our innovative solution delves into critical performance areas such as Brand Impacting (BI), Customer Experience (CX), and Sales Effectiveness (SE). We empower you with data-driven insights, allowing you to identify strengths and areas for improvement. But it’s not just about metrics. We also provide a Customer Interaction Indicator, giving you a holistic view of how your agents interact with customers.

Understanding Calls Beyond the Surface: The Heartbeat goes beyond traditional metrics. Our Agent Performance feature offers Average Calls Sentiment and Emotion Analysis, giving you a deeper understanding of each conversation’s emotional landscape. This nuanced analysis ensures your team is not just effective but also empathetic, aligning closely with customer needs and expectations.

Transforming Data into Action: With The Heartbeat, data isn’t just numbers on a screen; it’s actionable insights. By understanding the nuances of conversations and agent performance, you can tailor training programs, adjust strategies, and ensure your team excels in delivering exceptional customer experiences.


The Heartbeat’s Agent Performance Analytics is more than a feature; it’s your gateway to understanding and improving the heart of your contact center – your agents. Embrace the power of advanced analytics and watch your team transform into a customer satisfaction powerhouse. Join us in this journey to revolutionize your contact center’s performance today.